Our company was founded in 1983 under the name 'Drosos & Anastasios Makris OE'. The first and main activity was to import breeding purebred and hybrid pigs from Denmark.

The first shipment of breeding animals traveled from Denmark to Greece in 1985. Since then the progress of the company is developing continuously until today. Our collaboration with Danish geneticists and production technicians are always excellent, comprehensive and fully trained in all landscapes on our business.

This fundamental and qualitative cooperation has brought us into contact with other disciplines to enrich our potential with more activities beyond the reproductive animals.

In 2001 our company was renamed to 'Drosos Makris ABEE' having assimilated to its assets more activities related to pigs and poultry.

Today the company is able to offer different products from a wide range to pig farmers or poultry farmers that needed to cover animal population, nutritional issues, equipment solutions and software.

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