Danish purebred Landrace
Danish purebred Yorkshire (Large White)
Danish purebred Duroc
Danish hybrid gilts LY-F1

Danish Breeding Pigs

DanBred International is a member of the Danish Pig Research Center in Denmark which service not only the Danish pig producers but also pig producers worldwide with high quality breeding pigs and other consulting services. The Danish pig breeding program, DanAvl, is organized by the Pig Research Centre.

From 1985 until today we offer the Greek farmers high genetic breeding pigs, giving each pig farmer the ability to create an excellent production with the greatest possible profit for his pig industry.

Breeds of purebred and hybrid breeding pigs we offer are:

The producer can choose whether to proceed with the creation of a nucleus unit to produce by himself the LY - F1 hybrid female or to use directly the LY - F1 gilts and crossing it with a terminal purebred Duroc boar.

In Greece since 2004 is operating the first multiplying farm called 'DanBred Hellas farm'.

The DanBred Hellas farm operates under strict standards and controls that the DanAvl program have set for all breeding – multiplying farms worldwide. This is accomplished, aside from the frequent visits, and with the on-line connection of the farm to the breeding program DanAvl.

In this way all activities, registered and checked daily in the databank of DanAvl.

The DanBred Hellas farm uses for the production of LY - F1 hybrid-sow, the female purebred Danish Landrace and the male Danish purebred Yorkshire.

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